A subsidiary of SIFCA Group since 1999, the Société Internationale de Plantations d’Hévéas (SIPH) has been the main rubber actor in Africa for the past 65 years with over 300 000 tons processed per year. SIPH’s main activity is the production and the trade of the natural rubber produced by its African subsidiaries. The SIPH model is based on a balance between the agricultural activity on its own plantations, and the industrial activity, of which the main suppliers are independent farmers, that represent 80% of the total processed production.
As a responsible company, SIPH is committed in the Sustainable Development policy of SIFCA Group.


President of the board : Pierre BILLON

Managing Director : Bertrand VIGNES

Key figures

Creation of the Société Indochinoise de Plantations d’Hévéas: 1905

Number of employees: 13 000

Industrial Plantation Surface : 60 000 Ha

Number of factories: 9

Number of subsidiaries: 4

+4 600 ha of protected forests

1 300 000 tons of stored Carbon Dioxide per year

+47 schools built or rehabilitated

Around 12 000 students schooled

+ 37 health centers built or rehabilitated

+ 120 00 medical consultations per year


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Ghana Rubber Estates Limited
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Rubber Estates Nigeria Limited
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